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Private Dental Hygienist Service

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Dulverton Dental Practice provides patients with a high quality Private Dental Hygienist Service to ensure patients maintain their optimum dental oral health.
Dental Hygienists are registered Dental Professionals who help patients maintain their oral health by treating gum disease and promoting good oral health in Practice.
Visiting our Hygienist regularly is important to ensure you have a clean and healthy mouth which will improve your appearance, give you a fresh breath. Regular appointments will help in the preventative measures to reduce the rate of dental decay, gum disease and periodontal disease, whilst also educate you to correctively and effectively look after your teeth.

  • Scale and Polish

The Hygienist principle area of expertise is to professionally clean patient’s teeth, usually known as ‘scale and polish’.
Patients who have their Scale and Polish with the Hygienist will be given a 20 minute appointment. Within this time you will receive a more in depth cleaning, but also in addition you will receive stain removal and polishing as this is not available on the NHS. If applicable you will also be shown brushing techniques and advised on which brush or flossing system is of benefit for you.

  • Scope of Work

Patients should be aware that an NHS Scale and Polish by the Dentist will not include stain removal as this is cosmetic, and only includes any treatment deemed clinically necessary.

  • Private Dental Hygienist Treatments

Dulverton Dental Practice provides a full range of Private Dental Hygienist services to patients.

45 Minutes, 65.00

Initial visit by patient not registered here (this includes a gum assessment, scaling, polishing, and oral hygiene as needed).

30 Minutes, 45.00

Intensive Scale and Polish (for extensive tartar or stain).

30 Minutes, 45.00

Deep scaling for treatment of gum disease (may require more than one appointment dependant on severity of disease may/may not include local anaesthetic).

20 Minutes, 35.00

Simple Scale and Polish (this is for minimal tartar, stain and generally Good Oral Hygiene.

  • How to make a Private Dental Hygienist Appointment

For further information regarding Private Dental Hygienist Service, and how you can make an appointment with our Hygienist, then please contact Dulverton Dental Practice on 01398 323436, or email

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